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Friday, May 28, 2010

award or tag???

Mari kita mari kita Bergembira tepuk tangan sama-sama...Kita menari sambil langkah kanan kiri...Goyang badan goyang kaki..Hoore hoore hip hip hoore..Hoore hoore hoore hoore..Hip hip hoore hoore hoore...Bergembira..Bergembira ha ha ha ha...La la la la la la la la...Bergembira

amik kau,over tau...thank you so much diba sayunk coz bagi saya award ni..tapi saya agak konpius gak sebenarnya,ni award ke tag ek??ke sama jer dua2 ni...sape ley tolong??sila angkat jari manis....

3 names in your message inbox
ermmm nak hp maxis ke celcom???mana2 la ea..
1. ynamorata
2. mi papa
3. my sayunk...oppsss ada ker??

your main ringtone
suara sendiri-telephone berbunyi ring ring ring

what u did at 12 last night?
membuta dengan aman...ahahahha

who was the last person you went out with?where?
with my mum,went to shop at sg buloh..

the colour of t-shirt you're wearing now
red devil's...ahakz

the last thing you did
mencekik mcD bekpes with my beloved sis pia

3 of your everyday favourite items
handphone,lip gloss,lappy

the colour of your bedroom

how much money in your wallet now?
no money,bankrup already ;(

how's life?
so far so good...whatever it is life must go on...

your favourite song?
my BF - kebahagiaaan dalam perpisahan

what will you do next weekend?
hang out with my best buddies...:D

when wast the last time you see your mum?
last few minutes..

where is she now?
at om..

when was the last time you talk to your parents?
last few minutes....

who is the last person that talked with you last night?
my mum and my dad...

the last surprise you got?

last thing you borrowed from your friend?

Who is your bf/gf/husband/wife?
no comment

what do you feel right now?

wanna share with who?
by ma self..

who know your secret?

they keep your secret?
of course...

are you angry with someone?

what do you order at Mc'D?
big breakfast...ahahahha

The last time you feel so sad?
last night..

Mahu Tag? all my friends and my beloved followers....

4 pengkritik tetap:

♥ Xett Hereen ♥ said...

hye u !
i kidnap u nye tag neh taw !
agagaa !!

♥ Xett Hereen ♥ said...

hye u !
i kidnap u nye tag neh taw !
agagaa !!

♥ Xett Hereen ♥ said...

hye u !
i kidnap u nye tag neh taw !
agagaa !!

~LoVE PiNk~ said...

jgn segan2 tau..

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